The Best Wedding Photographer India

Finding that perfect wedding photographer can be quite a task. With the amount of lists, databases & search results available, it might take you months to go through each one of the profiles. And by the time you have shortlisted one – chances are – your favorite photographer is booked already! Here are just a few pointers that might help speed up the process. This would be highly appreciated by the photographer as well.

1. What are you looking for?

First of all, you – the decision maker (parents/the couple/the entire family) must know what he/she is looking for. The bigger the decision making group is going to be – the more opinions and confusion it is bound to create. Keep it simple. Speak to a photographer whose style appeals to you. End of story. Google is your best friend. Facebook is also very resourceful. Search for photographers, Look at friends’ wedding pictures, ask for recommendations!

2. Equipment? Video? Albums? What about those?

Are you more concerned about Nikon, Sony or Canon equipment being used for your wedding – or the end product? No photographer would use or hold back his best equipment for a project. If they have it. They would use it! If you still want to be sure – ask questions. It doesn’t hurt to know. (Examples of Professional & High-end cameras Wedding Photographers use: Canon 5D Mark II & Mark III, Nikon D700 & D800, Sony Alpha 77 & A850) but it doesn’t stop at that. (Remember the weakest link in a Photograph is the Photographer, not her/his camera/lens/setting)

Video – err. ‘I am a photographer, I do not shoot Video‘ – get used to this phrase. In India, for a VERY long time, Wedding Photography means – The guy shoots the wedding, gives you an album, a video DVD, some prints,and sits with you and talks about the payments later. Things are different now.

Albums, Prints? – Wait for it. Let’s get you a photographer first.

3. I am even more confused. Photojournalism? Destination Wedding Photographer? Contemporary Wedding Photographer? Studio??

When it comes to Photography – each photographer has her/his own distinct style & way of shooting. Some are not sure what category they are into and choose to call them wedding photographers, others end up using the same tags as their favorite photographers. But most of the photographers that you would see over the internet – know what they are doing, and their work speaks what they write.

*Wedding Photojournalism or Reportage style Wedding Photography

Wedding Photojournalists have a “candid, documentary approach – a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography. ” – WPJA
What to expect: Most wedding photojournalists will give you 200-300 pictures over 5-6hours of photography. Will charge you for extra hours. And appreciate working space.
What not to expect: Group/Party pictures. Posed stage pictures typical of Indian Receptions. Basically, if you might miss the father’s sister’s best friend’s daughter’s picture because she just came in for 5 minutes and left without meeting the bride & groom – skip this photographer.

*Candid Photographer –

Candid photographers in India are the most creative & flexible in terms of budgets, hours & working styles. If you are looking at thousands of pictures of your wedding, and choosing what pictures you want edited,  this is the right person for you.
What to expect: Most Candid photographers will give you 1000-3000 pictures a day of shooting, will be there throughout, and not bill you for extra hours etc. Unexpected ceremony or delay – No problem. This person is with you for the day 🙂 Unedited RAW files – umm, maybe!
What not to expect: Stage/Posed – Reception pictures (unless specifically mentioned).

*Fine Art, Contemporary Photographer –

A fine-art or contemporary photographer is a bold artist who would try and create artistically pleasing pictures of your wedding. Ranging from beautiful portraits, fantastic details & document the ceremonies as well as any other candid photographer. Each fine-art or contemporary photographer brings in their own creative focus – some are more people oriented, some focus more on details & action.
What to expect: Most fine-art or contemporary wedding photographers would give you 300-400 pictures from a wedding. Most of the photographers would either give you edited pictures or ask you to choose your favorite set for finishing. Most fine art and contemporary wedding photographers are particular about the number of work hours they are putting in. If you are expecting delays, added ceremonies, discuss the same with your photographer.
What not to expect: Just like a Wedding Photojournalist – No Stage/Posed pictures.

**The Studio – 

If you are expecting multiple photographers to cover each and every aspect of your wedding in a candid and/or traditional style, the studios are your best bet.
Skip the three categories I listed above and find the studio near your home.What is a Studio? Any photographer coming with anything more than a Second photographer is a Studio.
What to expect: Everything. From pictures of people entering, talking, looking at each other, eating, drinking, meeting the bride & groom, posed, candid, stage, group – ALL kinds of pictures. All the bells and whistles of a wedding. You want it – They have it. Extra hours, Delays – Don’t even think about getting worried by those! You might even have to ask these guys to go home – once the wedding is over.
What not to expect: That’s a tough one. A Happy candid/fine-art/contemporary/photojournalist that you might have individually hired to complement their work. No Sir! Most studios will not let another photographer work peacefully. Also, don’t expect the quality that you see from an individual photographer. You need to understand that by getting a photography studio – you are not getting a creative individual – but a team, whose skills can range from below average to super awesome. Be prepared for some very average looking & some very good pictures. And huge numbers of those. A lot of air-brushing, photoshop – basically : beautiful model-like skin of bride, groom & the family portraits. A lot of photographers showcase their work, only to send a hired cameraman for your D-day. It helps to understand this ‘Studio’ like scenario. But then, if you wanted to hire a studio, I am sure you wouldn’t  be reading this.

4. Photoshop? RAW Files? Err.. What is all that?

With Digital Photography – the film/negatives was replaced with ‘RAW’ files. Some photographers choose to shoot in Camera RAW (Camera RAW is not Unedited Jpeg, .cr2, .nef etc are raw files) – because it ensures the highest possible quality and size of the picture at the time of capture. What you finally get is a set of JPEG images which are edited and fine-tuned. This too can vary hugely. Check with the photographer what you want and what you are going to get.

Most photographers give you either of these:

1 A full set of Edited pictures in JPEG, OR
2 A full set of RAW/Unedited JPEG pictures and a select set of Edited pictures as per your preference, OR
3 A pre-selected set of Edited pictures and all RAW/Unedited JPEG pictures, OR
4 A pre-selected set of Edited pictures (JPEG) only.

I personally would be okay with options 1,2 & 3 – based on the style of the wedding photographer. You can decide how much control of the images do you require. But remember, at the end of the day, the quantity of the pictures is not going to matter so much as the whole experience. 10,000 average unfinished pictures vs. 200 fabulous pictures is a choice that only you can make. The number and the type of images is never something that should be compared while deciding a Wedding Photographer. Focus on the image quality. Always.

5. Interesting. What about the Monies? Budgets???

When you go out to shop for furniture or appliances – there are mostly two cases:
One – You go with a fixed budget in mind, buy the Best possible product that fits your bill. Never worry about something out of your budget.
Two – You go out, look at a few things, find the best product, compare that with the rest. And find the Cost vs. Value equation.

Wedding Photography is not a commodity. But Budgets cannot be missed either. Good Candid Photographers charge 25-50k ($500-$1000) for a day’s work. A photojournalist, fine-art or contemporary photographer might charge anywhere from 50k-150k ($1000-$3000+) per day (and more!!). A Studio is the best deal, but not necessarily the best value. Most will give you Photography (and all the other add-ons like albums, video and the bling) anywhere from 30-75k a day. The latest trend is to hire a traditional photographer or a studio (for photo & video) in addition to one of the other 3 types of photographers with their own signature style.

6. Payments? Booking??

Don’t expect a photographer to hold your dates, just because you sent them an email or spoke to them on phone. Chances are – a few others did the same too. A Wedding photographer will ask you for a booking fee (generally 50% of the entire photography fee) and reserve your date based on that. Most photographers would also take the entire fee amount (yes, 100%) before they have taken even a single picture. (Yes, I am talking about photographers, not studios).

7. Whoa! That is insane.. I love your work but I want some Discounts!

It is better to keep the ‘D’ word away from a Wedding Photographer. If you appreciate somebody’s work – Respect their fees too. (We too have bills to pay!) Opt out, if you think the photographer is not in your budget range. The best way to do so is to drop a message saying so.

8. Okay. All done. Is there a fine print?

Yes, Respect.

– Don’t treat your wedding photographer like a hired cameraman. (If you are looking for those, Studios are your best bet.) But if you are expecting compelling images – Treat a photographer like an artist.
– If you have vendor policies for food/water – inform the photographer beforehand so that they can plan their breaks accordingly.
– If you are hopping venues – keep a separate dedicated Cab/Taxi arranged for your photographer (unless the photographer is taking care of it on her/his own). You don’t want your photographer to be stranded at the venue – just because the shared cab/taxi moved away.
– Educate your family about the expectations & the photographer’s working style. Wedding photojournalists appreciate that the family doesn’t direct them to do/capture things the way they want it.

9. It’s been 2 days. When do we get the pictures??

Have patience.
Each photographer has their own timeline. Those who are going to give you edited pictures – will typically take 3-6 weeks to do so. Understand the timelines beforehand and don’t put the photographer under pressure to deliver early. It can only push your edit quality down.

10. Nice Pictures. A friend wants to use some in her Office. Can she use it??

Congratulations. You have successfully made it through the Photography aspect of your wedding.  And if you sent an email saying ‘We loved the pictures. Thank you’ to the photographer, you just made someone really happy. The photographer retains the copyright to all your images at all times. Most photographers will give you personal use rights to your images – which means : you can print, re-print, make albums & books, share on facebook (credits are appreciated) email etc. But you cannot SELL or TRANSFER these images for any commercial or promotional usage by yourself or anyone else. If you are going to have such a requirement – speak to the photographer and discuss the usage.

11. Albums or Coffee Table Books?

You need to understand that the strength of a good Photographer is her/his pictures. But if albums or coffee table books are high in your priority, do have a look at a sample before you book a photographer.

Some photographers make light-weight coffee table books from awesome book makers like CanveraBlurbWHCC etc. while others choose to create Fabulous Leather or Canvas bound albums from book makers like Leather Craftsmen, La VieCanveraGraphistudio etc. Coffee table books are Hard-back, light, and have thicker-than-magazine style pages. A 12×12 60 page coffee table book would generally range between 20-50k ($400-$1000) depending on the quality of the product and the design. A similar album can cost anywhere from 20k-100k ($400-$2000), and 40-60 pages might be the upper limit for such a book! Whatever your taste or liking might be – see some pictures & understand the product before you go ahead and order that through your photographer. Remember – your pictures will make or break an album. Without beautiful pictures, the most high-quality & expensive albums will look cheap.

12. This sounds like so much work!

Finding the right photographer for your wedding should take some time & effort. And why not! Its your big day!! Your wedding photographer is one of those few people that will help preserve the memories of your big day. And after all, the one you chose, shall always be the Best photographer for your wedding.

What I have expressed here is entirely my personal opinion about and understanding of Wedding Photography & experiences to create this post.

Ways To Make Wedding Photographs Exciting

Weddings in India are unique, colorful and outstanding. They differ from state to state and at times even from city to city. Dresses, rituals, ceremonies and time of the weddings are different all across the country. But one thing that all these wedding provide is enormous fun, happiness and everlasting memories. The only thing that lasts longer than these memories are the photos of your wedding day.

The photographs at these weddings are clicked by professional who are well equipped and focused. They are hard working people, whose main aim is to capture your big day beautifully. However, getting your pictures clicked can be a tiring and boring task. You have to make several poses for hours, which though seem funny, but are extremely awkward. At the end you get perfect pictures, yet you are unable to enjoy the process. So, how can you make the process of getting pictures clicked interesting and exciting?

There are photographers in Delhi, who try to make the process of clicking pictures interesting for their clients.

There are outdoor shoots, pre-wedding shoots and several other options that make the process of clicking pictures fun and exciting. In outdoor shoots, you can choose any place where you want your pictures to be clicked. Like in Delhi, you can visit places like Hauz Khas, Qutub Minar, Agrasen Ki Baoli, Humayun’s Tomb, and many such places to get photos with an enchanting historical background. You can further try several Bollywood and Hollywood poses to bring a filmy touch to your wedding pictures.

By involving your bridemaids and groomsmen in your pre-wedding photography, you can get some candid and funny pictures. If you wish, you may also opt for a theme for you photos. For example, if you are a group of 6 people then all of you can become the characters of the series Friends, where the bride and groom can be the famous couple Chandler and Monica. While getting these pictures, you will be able to communicate, laugh and cry with your friends and family without hesitation, as the focus of the photographers will be to click candid pictures, which portray the real you. These candid photos do not require your full attention, hence you are left to do whatever you want to do.

So, if you want some funny, exciting and entertaining photographs for your wedding, lookout for the best wedding photographers in Ahmedabad. They will not only click your photos, but will also capture your memories which you will be able to relive through these photos.

Importance of hiring professional wedding photographers

Everyone, today, has a camera, which they use to click and record their memorable moments. So why do you need a professional photographer for your wedding? The answer to this question is simple. Your wedding is the most special day of your life but you hardly get time to appreciate it, as you are too busy, full of nervousness and anxiety. All the other members of the family are also engaged in arranging different things and keeping everything perfect. The bride and groom, their friends and family, are all dependent on the photographer, and for that, they need a professional photographer who can document it all and not miss the small but special details.

You can always ask your friend or a family member to click some photographs but a professional wedding photographer uses high quality equipment, has the experience and talent required to capture the special moments of your special day. So no matter how expensive or advance your camera is, you cannot compete with a professional photographer.

These photographers know how to work in different surroundings, whether the wedding is in the morning or evening, they know how to work in tricky lights and situations, and are even aware of the different poses that will suit you the best.

A professional wedding photographer never gets distracted by the chitter chatter of the wedding, as he is well trained and knows that he needs to be focused throughout the wedding to capture the best moments. Another important reason of hiring professional wedding photographers is that, they usually provide at least 3 to 4 photographers per wedding, so that they can cover each and everything happening in the wedding. Apart from good photography, these professional photographers go the extra mile to make the presentation of your photos beautiful and creative. They take special candid pictures of everyone, which are usually the best pictures.

One may say that the photographers are not an active part of the wedding, but they are extremely essential to it. Without them, you won’t be able to relive those delightful and amazing moments of your special day that were full of happiness. So, when you are looking for professional wedding photographers in Ahmedabad , you may consider searching online. One can find different websites of many renowned, professional photographers available in the city. You can go through them and select a photographer who will be able to capture your special moments better than anyone else.

10 Pointers Awesome Pre Wedding Photoshoot

If you are getting married & are looking to have a pre-wedding shoot (or an engagement session or a lifestyle photoshoot as I like to refer to it as), read on.

But first, What is a Pre-wedding Photoshoot?

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a superb way to get to know your photographer, and for the photographer to understand your personalities better. It is also a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera, which prepares you well for the picture marathon that your wedding is going to be. Here are a few quick pointers that will help you from selecting the point you start searching for the photographer – all the way through the actual shoot.

1. The Personality – Find a Photographer that matches your style

First things first. You need to book a photographer who can showcase your personality. Once you have browsed through someone’s work – you should have a fair idea about the kind of pictures that you might be able to get. Remember – showing a photographer if he/she can replicate somebody else’s style – is not what you want to do. It is only going to leave you disappointed in the end, and you will blame the photographer for your own bad judgement. Once you can visualise yourself in the photographer’s existing body of work – you have found the right match for your photoshoot.

2. The Fine Print – Ask Questions, Know the Artist

After having gone through hundreds of portfolios, once you are ready to book a photographer, remember to ask the following questions:

a) Is he/she still available on that date

b) The booking fee & paperwork needed to confirm the date

c) Get an idea about the Location, Timing,

d) The Logistics involved, arrangements that you might have to make for him/her

e) Permissions at the Venue

f) Costs for add-ons – like Prints, Graphics (save-the-date, announcement text), Photobooks, e-books, Fusion Videos etc.

Once you are comfortable with everything – Go ahead and Confirm your booking. Remember, most photographers will not discuss the details & plans for your shoot without a formal confirmation & the booking fee. So you must be very sure that you are going ahead with the right photographer and have studied his/her work extensively.

After the formalities are taken care of – ask for – advice on what to wear, how the photographer plans to style the photoshoot, share the ideas that you have in your mind, discuss the location & style of the shoot, be upfront about how you are comfortable being guided at each step or if you want the photographer to capture everything in a more unobtrusive way. The knowledge of what the photographer is planning to do on the D-day will prepare you a lot for the shoot.

3. The Preparation – Go Shopping. Be Stylish. Accessorise. Look your Best

You have gone through the tough task of finding the right photographer, now make sure you are serious about dressing up. I have seen a lot of shoots go bad – because the couple didn’t bother to pack extra clothes planned for the shoot, forgot the matching jacket at home, or just wanted to make do with the existing pair of extra clothes, which were there because you didn’t really want to wear them in the first place. Stick to the options that you discuss with your photographer, show him/her pictures of the kind of styling advice he has to offer. Even if you don’t have time to go shopping for the shoot – pick your favourites, your most classy clothes.

You can hire the best of the photographers, go to the most exotic locations – but in the end – it’s how you look that will make or break the shoot. At the same time, remember – your photographer is not a stylist, but unless you are going to hire a professional stylist for your shoot – your photographer is the best person to help you with the same.

4. Locations. Palaces. Gardens. Beaches. Marketplaces

The Location can make you look like Larger than life. If you are confident – go outdoors, to more crazy & popular locations like marketplaces, forts & tourist spots, public gardens etc. If you are staying at an exotic property – get the permissions for the shoot there – you will get the best of both worlds – privacy & beautiful backdrops. And if you are like most couples – who are a little shy in front of the camera, and get conscious of the fact that people might stop and stare – choose a more secluded place, like a far-away beach or farmhouse, or an old ruin which is not on the tourist map, the back alley of your apartment building, or simply your terrace or garden. For variation – ask your photographer if two different locations can be combined, or simply take two sessions with different styling and different themes  – while one can be romantic, the other can be playful.

The bottom-line is : There are no set rules. And each photographer will handle the shoot in his own way. You just need to know the Devil 😉

5. Let Go – Breathe. Have fun.

I can’t emphasise more on the importance of ‘letting go’ during the shoot. After the task of finding the right photographer, the location, clothes, the logistics etc. – You are finally ready to make some awesome pictures. Let your photographer take control, while you let go & trust his creativity. Once you stop worrying about how you are looking in a picture – you can focus on having a good time with each other. Using your energy to show how much fun you guys can have together is going to show in your pictures – so focus on that rather than worrying about what your photographer is doing or if he/she is making you look awkward or putting you in silly poses – remember, you booked the photographer because you liked his/her work in the first place.

Just like any other important meeting – treat the shoot with some respect. Keep your phone off, schedule your day so that you have those hours free. Do spend a few extra hours to sleep well the previous night. Be on time & give the photographer the 90mins he asked for. Please don’t make this sound like you are doing him/her a favour by listening to his advice. The photographer surely has more experience with a Lifestyle shoot than you have, respect his/her efforts to make you look awesome!

6. The Cliché

It is OKAY to have the same picture as that other bride, or that other photographer. It will always be your first image – taken at that particular location for the first time. And it will always make your picture unique.There is always an image or two that has been done before, but you will never get tired of looking at those pictures when you are going to be in them yourself. I highly recommend incorporating at least one of those timeless moments in your shoot.

– By the Railroad

– Silhouette at Sunset

– The Jump

– The Kiss

– The Twirls

At the same time, remember to not replicate a shoot because your aunt’s daughter or that friend on Facebook did it. You are not competing for who has more sexy images (Well, I am sure you are, but not in that way). You are doing a photoshoot because you want to preserve the flavour of your Companionship & Love for years to come.

7. Body Language – Confidence, Love, Enthusiasm

Be confident with your body. You are not Fat or Thin. You are always going to be you, and that is beautiful. Stop worrying about the better side or the better angle. It’s a date – with the guy/girl you love, and that is all that should matter. Laugh, Be Playful, Be close, hold hands, look into each others eyes, hold each other, try things that you might not do ordinarily, show your fun/crazy/prankful side. Don’t look for direction every minute.

Would you be dull and quiet and unexcited on your proposal dinner or your first date? Well, remember that moment from your past – and bring some Jazz to the 2 hours you are going to spend with your better half. The only difference here is that – there is a camera documenting your behaviour – You better show the world that you love him/her and are crazy about him/her. (Getting drunk helps sometimes ^jk) Don’t overthink. Have fun.

8. Candid vs. Posed.

Be clear about what you are looking for. Some photographers are great with traditional poses and some are great with capturing the fun side. Study the portfolio & understand what your photographer has to offer and if it matches your requirement. Once at the shoot – Don’t be casual or just think that the photographer will put some magic stardust on you and make you look awesome – listen to the guidance during the shoot, suggestions, help with poses, hands, feet, etc. Everyone knows you paid top-dollar for a photoshoot, it didn’t happen by chance. Be open to the photographer’s ideas, and don’t dismiss those by saying ‘this is too cheesy’ or ‘we are just sitting holding hands, can’t we do something more’ 😉

9. Just the two of you vs. Family & Friends

It’s great to have a mushy and romantic portrait session, and sometimes – its even more fun when you include your family and friends in the shoot. Speak to your photographer if this would be possible, discuss the logistics and additional planning required. These are not just ‘a few more pictures’ so don’t surprise your photographer with this addition right at the last moment. Some photographers (including me) take this as a second session in terms of planning & fees, and so should you. Tell your friends and family to be on time, to follow the dress code & to have fun. It becomes difficult for the photographer to explain to bigger groups – about what he is doing – so you also need to become the bridge between the Photographer and your guests – and give them instructions yourself. A large gathering also means a lot of ideas and pointers from the members. Please let the photographer do his job, that’s the reason why you booked him in the first place, right?

10. Post-Wedding Quickie

It’s always great to have some time right after your ceremony for some crazy and fun pictures in your wedding attire. Request the photographer for this very important half-an-hour on your big day. You are going to be in a rush – and you would need a very skilled and experienced photographer to create these images – Quick & Fabulous. Look out for the post-wedding pictures in your wedding photographer’s portfolio. It is a huge plus to have one that can shine in this department 🙂

Top 3 reasons to hire a professional photographer

Wedding is a one time grand event in your life. It is not something that you would experience every other day. Hence, it is important that you select everything with a keen interest. One of the most important part in it is the photographer. After all, it is the photographer that helps you to immortalize this special day in your life. There are many beautiful moments that take place on your D day and they can be captured perfectly only by an experienced wedding photographer. He can click them without being overwhelmed by the presence of so many guests and their chit-chat. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to hire a professional wedding photographer who can document it all without missing all the vital details of the day.

So there are certain reasons why you should choose a professional wedding photographer.

  1. Capturing the stunning pictures of the beautiful moments of your wedding day may not be as easy as it appears. Small yet vital details that you may miss because you are of course busy, excited and nervous on your big day can be easily clicked only by a professional.
  2. A professional photographer can take care of other details as well such as poor lighting, gloomy weather, and accordingly, click pictures. If an amateur handles the job of clicking pictures, he may not be aware to handle such situation with ease and perfection and the result will obviously leave you heart broken. Expert photographers can understand the desired effects, position, lighting in order to capture and immortalize the special moments of your life. They can also identify the emotions that can make the wedding photos more appealing.
  3. An expert wedding photographer has enough experience to make people feel comfortable. So, while you go about hiring a wedding photographer, clicking pictures perfectly should not be the only thing that you should look at. He or she should also have the capacity to make his subjects feel at ease and comfortable while clicking pictures as it can be easily seen in the pictures.

Therefore, in order to make the informed choice, try to meet at least a few professional wedding photographers and visit their studios. Your main job will be selecting a photographer whose working style closely matches with your own preferences and personality. Ask as many questions as possible and look through the portfolio of all the selected candidates. A professional photographer’s sample work reflects his or her best work, so you may ask for his or her sample work in order to find the Wedding Photographers In Ahmedabad according to what you like.